Is this guy into me, shy, or not interested?

so i (19F) and this guy (21M) met at university at the library when i was sitting alone and he asked if he could sit in the empty seat in front of me. we talked for a bit but then both left to class. at this point i still didn't know his name.

then two days later he's there again (at a different table) i sit down in a table by myself and after about 10 minutes he comes over and sits down with me he said he "recognized me"

anyways we always meet up at the same spot now (not planned) we just sorta have the same schedule. the thing is I don't know if he's into me cause even tho we talk and laugh and stuff he still hasn't asked for my number or asked me out at all. I don't know what to think cause guys dont usually talk to me unless theyre interested.

I don't know if this guy is shy he doesn't really seem shy but sometimes when the conversation dies down he'll take out his phone and watch netflix or something. but he still always comes to the same spot of the library sooo

in your experience, do you think that a guy is bound to ask for your number if he's interested? for me even the shyest guys have at least tried. should i just be patient?

is there anything i can do to make things easier for him/ speed them up?


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  • He seems interested in you


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  • I think he's interested in you! He just seems like he's shy like you said! He's the one coming over to YOU and starting conversation, that's a pretty big sign of interest! People like him, being shy, will probably wait until he knows you a bit better and/or you show signs of interest until he finally works up the courage to ask for your number! If you want to help him out, when he takes out his phone you should say something like, "oh yeah! I just remembered, I don't have your number yet, what is it?" Boom! Then exchange phone numbers. It solves two issues. For one, you get his number and he gets yours, and two, you're giving him a subtle sign that you're interested since YOU asked HIM! So it's kinda like a little confidence booster for him if he picks up the hint. So good luck! I hope this was helpful 🤗