How to ask a girl out... I'm so terrified?

I've been friends with a girl I know though work for a few months now. We've gone out to the movies a few times and had dinner together, not on a date but just as friends. However I have developed romantic feelings for her and I'd like to ask her if she'd be my girlfriend, however there is a big problem. When it comes to women, I'm more or less clueless. I suffer from social anxiety and as a result I've never really had a girlfriend before at 26. I'm really, really shy, and am pretty awful at expressing how I really feel. I'm not good at reading signs, I'm not good at sending signs, and even if I were, I wouldn't really know how to follow up on such signs. Not only that, I have a deep seeded fear of rejection.

I don't know what to do, sometimes I wonder if I should bother asking her out at all, knowing my luck she won't feel the same way I do but I do like her. Anybody have any ideas? Particularly as to how to ask her out?


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  • Since she's already comfortable going out with you. Take her to dinner and towards the end tell her everything you like about her and that youve developed romantic feelings for her. And buy dinner.


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  • Okay first things first. You said your terrified of getting rejected, don't be. It's bound to happen once in awhile, take it as a grain of salt her loss your gain.
    To answer the rest of your question, don't ask her to be your girlfriend. Simply ask her on a date and let her know your intention is to date her. For the clueless part be observant to her body language, keep the conversations about her. Another words listen to her, she will tell you her likes/dislikes. Also watch videos on YouTube and if a women is interested in you they go over it there.
    Lastly don't be scared or nervous. Your simply finding out if you two have mutual feelings for one another, secondly she will pick up on your nervous energy. Have fun!


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  • I'm sorry to say but it's almost certainly too late. women have a timeframe of opportunity before they friendzone you.

    You have to be very direct and go for what you want.

    I'd advise going on tinder to practice this and then once you're confident use that to ask this girl out

  • Before you ask her out, you need to get a feel whether she reciprocates these feelings.
    Try to flirt with her, look for signs, I. e. Hold eye contact a few seconds longer than normal. Look at her body language.
    Your best option is to have a few drinks to ease your anxiety and loosen up.

    If she's into you, why not get closer put an arm around her, try to build up comfort into maybe a kiss. It's easier from there.

    Also don't be afraid, they are humans just like us, just go for it.

    • I've heard the eye contact thing before, what does it mean though? If she holds eye contact she is interested, if she doesn't she isn't?

    • If she maintains contact it can mean you're on the same wavelength as to your feelings... Also it can turn girls on if done right. Just gaze into her eyes, see through them but don't hold it too long else it just gets weird.

  • Play the game" have you met username".

  • Posts like this give me the reminder of why I hate being born a guy at times

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