What the heck is going on here? The ghost has returned?

So I had been seeing this guy for like 8 months. He was clear with me that he wanted to take things slow (which was fine with me). But slow to him was a turtles pace. I would always drive 45 minutes to see him, on fridays when he played hockey. I would come watch him play but he wouldn't make much time outside of his hockey games to see me. So I started to feel he mustn't be that interested to not make any effort.

He started to drift away. And I wasn't sure what I had done. Conversations were very 1 sided. I messaged him in a final message to see if he wanted to meet up for a coffee. I wanted to talk to him about this. But he never responded.

Well like 6 months later now he is responding. He messaged me randomly today to see how I was doing. Told me he was going to be a dad. But wants to meet up for coffee WTF?

He's telling me how he quit smoking. So am I supposed to be impressed with him? He told me he didn't respond because he was busy. YES BUSY MAKING A FREAKING BABY! I'm so chocked!

What do you guys think?


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  • I'm Not... Chocked.
    On Here, dear, I always Call this a "Full Circle Problem Pattern," where Now, after "Well, like 6 months later now he is responding," He will Be Hot and Cold, Much Like the Lies he has Told by Saying, "Quit Smoking."
    Believe me, it will Get real Old, with him, Making Less Goals in Scoring with you with his Not so Nice Ice Moves, You will Eventually End up Telling him as though He were this Hockey Puck: You Lost, Loser, Take it and Shove it."
    Good luck. xx

    • DAD? You never added that fact.
      Full Circle Problem Pattern still here, dear, being with Her, the baby and wanting you on the side for a ride. xx

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    • Right in time for the holidays that this turkey is gone.. You deserve better than this not so fine Feather gander. xx

    • Thanks for the like, Lovely. xx

  • He's going to be a dad? Wtf did that come from...

    • I know right! When we were seeing each other he kept going on about how he wanted to take things super slow, and everything. Well apparently that's not the case bc he's going to be a dad. I have no idea what the situation with the baby mama is. But I guess I'm good enough now that she doesn't want to be with him :/

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    • I guess it just seems odd how he needed to take so much time to get to know me. But had no problem making a baby with someone. Something just seems off there.

    • Hun at the end of the day sounds like he led you on...

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