He insist to pay /take me out? whyy?

i dont really him to spend money on me I don't know why, i just feel ehhh.
but he really insist, he saved up his money and stuff. but i say no everytime lol... arnt guys happy that their girlfriend dont spend their money on this and that? (i told him to save money on his fav shoes )
will i make him better if i did let him?

everytime we go out. he will insist so badly, like omg wtf


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  • If he insists on you letting him pay, then you should sometimes let him do it because he wants to treat you, or make you feel special. They say relationships are about give and take so in my opinion take (so let him pay sometimes) but give as well on other occasions like making him promise to let you pay for the next one, or buying that pair of his favorite shoes that you mentioned!

    Hope this helps :)


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  • You probably would make him feel better if you gave in. Obviously it's important to him to trat you to something. Just give him a chance to spoil you once in a while.


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