How to get used to dating someone from another country?

She has a cool accent and has all these stories of her travels in several other countries. And I've only lived in one place my whole life. So how can I get over feeling inadequate to her?


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  • I've travelled everywhere and have dated "internationally" haha, and my best advice is to engage with questions and personal experiences. By this I mean bonding over the differences and similarities! It makes a relationship even stronger when you have a lot to talk about. For example, are you from a small town, is she from a big city? Ask her your curiosities! Pretend as if you were going to move there, what would you want to know? What are the people like? I know this sounds like a lot, but honestly once you get the ball rolling it's pretty easy to get a good conversation going and it's a great way to get to know her and her experiences better :)


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  • Maybe start travelling yourself and learn about other cultures?

  • engage her and believe you have something worth offering as well


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