Is he chickening out to meet me?

So I've been talking to this guy for several months, and then we decided to make it a long distance relationship because we've been so open and intimate with each other and I genuinely like him. We've been together for about 5 months now and I really want to see him. He lives about 6 hours away from me, and a few friends of mine were thinking of having a road trip and on our way we'd be stopping by his town, its a quite famous place for night outs so my friends wanted to stay the night there before we continue on. I told him that and he said he was excited to meet me. Then yesterday he messaged me and said he doesn't know if he can meet me cause he's got essays to write for his economics class that are due in soon in a few days. Of course I was really disappointed but surely you'd want to try to make up time to meet someone you're in a LDR with even if its just for 5 minutes?

Is he just chickening out, too nervous to meet me or do you think he's genuinely busy?

Also, I know he's not a catfish, we've had Skype calls before.
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Is he chickening out to meet me?
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