Should I be careful with this guy? Is this not normal?

Should I be careful with this guy? Is this not normal? I met a guy online 4 weeks ago, we haven't met still because we have a busy schedule, so we text - he always initiates conversations.

He kept sending me good morning and good night messages, telling me he is going to sleep and that he hopes i had a good day etc. Basically being sweet, but I find it weird that he can be this attached without meeting.

At one point, I was going to cut him off because I didn't like that we never met before and that we were just texting and that I assumed he was also talking to other people too. Tonight he sent me this random text "Just dropping a text to let you know that you're on my mind from time to time ^^". When I replied back to him, I told him that I've been busy with work so haven't had the chance to text him... but he said "that it's alright and that we are doing good" and that he thinks we are doing alright in terms of talking etc, and so I told him that we should meet soon when we are both not busy. And he said, "yes, that's for sure, I think it's good so far". I already told him I'm not the clingy type of person either, and he said that his prayers have been answered and that is why he likes it.

I really don't know how to understand this relationship anymore... it seems like he has painted some perfect world in his head? Is this a weird behaviour from a guy perspective? He sounds really attached and smitten with someone who he never met... Is it even possible?

Should I be careful with this guy? My friends tell me that this isn't normal and I should be scared of him because he sounds crazy.
Should I be careful with this guy? Is this not normal?
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