Is he talking to other girls?

I've been talking to my boyfriend since June, and since we've met, and had our first kiss last month - we're in a relationship.
This isn't the only reason why I'm in a relationship, there's been romantic moments which just made me fall for him, like the first time we met he held my hand and was looking into my eyes, I could see how he felt for me, and before kissing me he put his hand flat against my chest feeling my heart beat fast, and told me I'm beautiful (maybe I'm just really falling for it, I don't know... but I find it romantic)

Anyway I'm really insecure because of my last relationship. I didn't even want to be in relationship ever again, but he crept up on me, he was talking to me everyday and night since June I guess I got attached.

The problem is that we barely talk on the phone anymore and he doesn't talk to me like he used to.

Like I said he would talk to me everyday and message me all the time, to go from that to not talking on the phone for 3 weeks just feels as if something is up - I've moved out for uni, I'm a 100 miles away - I'd expect there to be more contact because I'm far away.

Also he doesn't really message me much, sometimes it's a good morning, a bit of banter and goodnight. He's not romantic towards me as much as he used to be either. And the past two weeks when I message him (whatsapp) I can see that he's online but he doesn't open my message and goes offline then replies hours later even though he's been online in between, it makes me think he's talking to another girl, the attention he used to give me, he's giving it to someone else.

2 weeks ago (when all this started) I told him straight up that if he doesn't want to be with me then he's free to go, and I told him how I felt; that we don't talk anymore etc but then he says he loves me, doesn't want anyone else, that's why he's waited months to be with me etc and will make sure that we're still ok...

... But then he hasn't changed... it's making me really insecure and I hate it.
Yes, he's talking to other girls.
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No, I'm over thinking and he wants to be with me.
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He's lost interest.
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Is he talking to other girls?
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