How embarrassing is it that my friend has a stronger connect w/ my female friend than I have for the whole school year?

Basically ever since my female friend found out I liked her (my friend told her, and now they're friends), we've had a rocky relationship. For one, she told me she feels the same, but during school she ignores me. So I got fed up with the ignoring and felt if she was going to play games I'll play games with her too. So I began ignoring her, and now we're both ignoring each other. All this ignoring began when I told her I liked someone else (which I did, but not anymore). Anyways, my friend always tells me about how they talk everyday and her and this other guy have formed a triangle where they talk to each other. It pisses me off how they began talking like 2 weeks ago and they've talked more than her and I have for the whole school year. Last year was fine, we talked regularly, but ever since that incident it's been different. So now my friend and my other friend talk more than I have this year, and all I get from her is this pathetic sad stare throughout the whole class and worst thing is my friend asked how we were, and she just stared at him and looked away. And when I saw her in class all she did was another stupid sad stare.

Sorry for the rant, I just find it really embarrassing that they have talked more in 2 weeks than I have in 2 months. Is that really embarrassing to me or does every one else think so?

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  • You're forgetting you're the guy you need to make the move if she has said that she likes you to then ask her on a date and try to find a time for both of you if you can't or she doesn't want to move on from her, if you continue to ignore her and vice versa it'll just end up hurting both of you MORE and more

  • Look it's easy to get caught up in the opinion of others. But I am slightly older than you (and I hate to say it like that but you do learn a lot in a couple of years) and all I can remember from middle/high school is getting caught up in the opinions of others when there was no real importance.

    Her talking to the guys is actually quite positive as generally she will see those other guys as just friends, as she is not going to discuss her love problems with a potential new boyfriend. I used to worry about this a lot but really it is actually very good.

    Trust me, almost all women are like that.

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