How can I tell if he likes me? (PLZ READ ALL) ?

So at school this guy and I are friends and lets say his name is Matt. So Matt and a few of my friends were in a group text message and apparently he asked for my number. I believe this was only because I had given his number to someone who had to get ahold of him, and he wanted to ask why I did it, but my friends think he likes me. We are following each other on Instagram and we always like each other's pics and stuff, and sometimes dm each other for homework. So does he like me because he asked for my number? He could've dm me? Anyways at school he always calls me this ship name I have with some other guy, who i don't like, but literally the whole school ships it. ANY ADVICE>


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  • He likes you. That's obvious, to a guy.
    But he thinks there is something between you and this ship guy, and he doesn't want to get involved in that.


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  • From reading what you've wrote, it doesn't sound like he likes you, but it's hard to tell sometimes.
    He may have asked a friend for your number, because it's awkward asking somone personally for their personal info. Especially since it implies that he's interested in talking with you and keeping in touch. He might not have wanted to make a false hint towards you. It sounds like he sees you as a friend.
    Since he has your instagram and he can message you any time, if he was interested he probably would have by now. Liking photos doesn't always hint at attraction, he could be liking them as he notices you're always liking what he posts.
    I really wouldn't look to much into this, the guy sounds like he's looking to you more of a friend and getting to know you in that way.

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