What to do when a girl is flirting with my best friends boyfriend?

And this isn't the first time this girl has been trying to get with a guy who already has a boyfriend. She's even slept with one! And the problem is, my friends boyfriend isn't doing things like blocking the girl, he's even flirting with her back! And my friend knows it too! I wanna go and talk to her boyfriend AND the girl that's flirting with my best friends man but I don't know if that would be a good move... Any advice?


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  • It's not your relationship, your business or your place to handle this situation. Leave it up to your friend.


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  • The wise thing to do is just drop it for now. But what matters is that you know what is going on. The point is this is leading to cheating. And if he has no problem flirting with other girls, then that means that he is not serious with his relationship, and wants out. So the wise thing to do is for her to just straight up dump him. She doesn't need a person who's eyes is not on her and wandering to other places and women. He is NEVER going to stop, because your friend has:

    1. No boundaries
    2. No terms for the relationship
    3. Never placed her foot down
    4. Never gave him a reason to respect her in the first place

    NOTE: Real people who love and care about you FEAR losing you and won't do anything to break your trust in them!

  • If your best friend knows then it's not your business to handle. Let her deal with it.

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