This guy has given me emotional whiplash, need opinions?

This guy has given me whiplash, in need of opinions?
I'll make this short, saw him a couple times (he came over) we didn't sleep with each other he had said "I genuinely want to get to know you" invites me to a bunch of things plus a movie date, so pretty much moved fast. The day we were supposed to go on the date, he flakes from then he starts ghosting me, but coming back every now and then. I got angry and unfriended him on everything, week later texts me apologises for ignoring me & that he wasn't looking for a relationship and didn't want to mess with my feelings. After this I still hardly from him, he texted me a while later saying I want to see you "do I need to convince you to see me;)" and stuff like that. Coming on strong. Then I say tonight I can then change it and say just next week, originally the Wednesday but I said the Friday. I said let me know for Friday. Then I text a question mark yesterday he goes "nah I started seeing someone since yesterday" (the Tuesday, day before was originally planning on seeing each other. I don't reply and he's unfriended me on snapchat? Like I'm not sure if he's playing this way because I've been this way (because of him), or if he is seeing someone. He was all over me before and got jealous when he found out I had a date (not waiting around for him).
This guy has given me emotional whiplash, need opinions?
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