I don't think I experience platonic love?

Alright, here's the deal. Since as far as I can remember, I've never been able to love someone solely as a friend, or at least as what society perceives should be the way you love a friend. If I love somebody (excluding relatives), I want them in every way, and will still have an urge to express affection in what is typically perceived as romantic (cuddling, holding hands, kissing, etc.), and/or (depending on whether I'm sexually attracted to them) sexual. Along with this, I believe, I really do, that everyone, even if I personally don't feel sexual attraction to them, is beautiful as long as they are beautiful inside. It's cheesy, yes, but I consider myself a deeply philosophical person, and this is something I truly believe. I'm pretty sure I lean more towards the polyamorous/swinger side (no, this does not mean I condone cheating) and can't really stand the idea of being tied down to one person, which to me feels restricting and boring. Restricting because regardless of how strongly I may feel for someone, I'll still develop crushes and find other people attractive, and will always end up in a sort of overload of love. Despite all this though, I've only really been realising these feelings (not saying they weren't there before, just maybe I didn't understand them as well yet) since I experienced something very strange. Long story short, I met somebody, became close friends (they know things about me nobody else does, and things I never expected to share with another human being) and got stuck in a limbo between wanting to be best friends and passionate lovers. See, again, I want this person in every way. I want to have all the typical friend experiences like ranting to him about that girl I have a crush on (I'm bisexual, he is too), but then I also want to sensually profess my undying love for him. I just feel like I truly have found 'my person', and I admire and look up to every part of them, whilst also acknowledging their flaws. I'm so conflicted, help me out?
I don't think I experience platonic love?
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