What should I do?

A friend that I had a MASSIVE crush on told me one day during the Summer after he kissed me 2-3 weeks earlier that he was happier single and that he would still be there for me, but the next day he stopped talking to me. Then 2 weeks later he's in a relationship, but at halfway through this October the relationship between them was over.

One day in October, I was with my baby sister when I bumped into him at his place of work. (Yes, my face turned red and my heart started to race when I saw him, as I still have feelings for him). We got chatting and cleared a bit of the air between us and we were chatting like nothing bad had happened between us. I then decided to bite the bullet and ask him if he was okay after his relationship being over. As he was talking about it, I could see in his eyes how much he was hurting, and I felt really bad seeing him hurting so much. After that, the conversation turned to video games, films, plans for the rest of the week etc. When I left, he called out to me "I'll message you later", which he did that evening and said about us meeting up for a coffee and spending the day together.

On the day that we were meant to meet up , he wasn't able to make it, due to spending time with his family and having some work to do. We've spoken once since then, but lately I've been thinking about saying to him about me going round his for a coffee and to clear the air between us. I want to clear the air between us, as I'll be seeing him again in a few weeks time on a weekly basis for first aid training, and I don't want things to be awkward.
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What should I do?
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