What do I do now?

My boyfriend and I had a misunderstanding this past Sunday. One thing lead to another and I left. Before I left confessed I looked at his phone and I knew about the other woman. After I left I felt really bad for looking at his phone so I apologized and he accepted. He went on to explain the text for the other woman and I'm ok with it and he assured me it was nothing. So now things are a little different. He still call me every morning and every evening and we talk like nothing happen. So I texted him: " I don't want to push but we do need to talk about our relationship and where do you see us. Do you see us as exclusive or not there yet? If you're feeling something different that I please let me know." he responded: " After this weekend I am looking for a drama free next few weeks, whatever that means. I am in self preservation mode and an not ready to make any commitments. I'm not seeing nor talking to anyone else. I taking a set back and a deep breath. Please don't think I am being rude... Just being honest... again he has not stop any communication with me... So my question is what do I do? Do I just act like nothing going on and roll with what ever... also, we live about 2 hours away so going visit him is not an option at this time.


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  • In plain guy speak.
    "Its too much stress to be with you... the distance is one.. and i have more closer. BUT you are an option"

    • That's what I was thinking also... thanks

    • Question.. Why does he continue to call me every morning just like before on his way to work and every evening just like before?

    • read the last part..."But you are an option". If he cuts off totally, you may write him off and he knows this so he is feigning interest to keep you interested. basically keeping you "on the hook" or well... as an option.

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  • He doesn't want to be your boyfriend anymore he's trying to break up and keep you around as a friends with benefits.

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