He didn't answer me all day and is asking me what my plans are, should I go?

i am talking to thi guy on a dating app, he seems like a nice guy and after 3 days of taking he asked if i wanted to hang out tonight, and i said yes. He didn't mentioned anything about when or what we were doing,. Normally we dont talk before 6-6.30 PM, but since he didn't really bring it up for the whole day (and we didn't talk) i assumed he wasn't interested anymore, but now i just got a message from him asking me what i was up to.

Does this mean he is less serious, should i go?


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  • It probably means he doesn't text at work.

  • I think he might have just been busy, but if he doesn't bring up hanging out again then that's weird :/ you should ask Him if y'all are going to hang out still? :) there's no harm in that :)