When she shows her sister the guy she likes, how much attracted she is to the guy?

There is a girl in my class, and i think she has a crush on me, its been going for about 4 months

-she has been giving me a billion signs but i dint make a move because i could not get over my ex.

- Now i saw her real sister, just oogling at me while i was talking and laughing with my male friends and her sister was waiting for her to come out of the class, her sister had no business there for sure.

- Is she in love?

  • She is in love with you, she wanted to show her sister how you look coz maybe she has talked about you so much to her sister. you are 10/10 in her eyes.
  • She has an insane crush on you, maybe she is obsessed.
  • Other (please comment)
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  • She was probably just watching u to see if u were good enough for her sister or looking for anything u do wrong. For example if u flirt with other girls. She would tell her sister ti keep away from u and stuff. So in other words she was checking u out to make sure you are an ok guy. It's what some sisters do for each other.

    • Thnx for your valuable input,
      This happened after yesterday,
      she deactivated her fb (im stalking her on fb but she doesn't know it) and today she did not look at me, but all the time she was constantly playing with her hair.
      Do u think her sister approved me?
      Or do women play with their hair even when the guy they like is not present near them
      or do they play with their hair only when the guy they like in in their orbit?
      I mean, can it happen that she was playing with her hair, thinking about some other dude?

    • We'll u can tell she definitely likes u. I'm not sure about the deactivated fb account tbh
      Her sister may have approved. Hope it goes well for u though.
      And I'm really sorry I took so long to reply my life is a bit chaos lol.

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