I asked my ex out yesterday. She read it but hasn't responded with anything?

She's a very polite person and I never did anything wrong to her. As far as I know she ain't seeing anybody.

Asked her out yesterday, she still hasn't responded and it's been 23 hours.

Is she thinking about it? She has my number stored and she read it but gave no response.

Do you think this is rude or should I give more time?

I was never a pushy or clingy person so she knows I will take no as a no and finally move on. But she hasn't said anything.

What shall I do?


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  • You're fucking up dude. Why are you asking out your ex? Not just trying to be a dick but you'e being a dumbass if you're texting your ex and she ain't responding. Better someone calls you out before you make any stupid mistakes. Just let it slide and don't think about it. Getting back with an ex very rarely works out.

    • We didn't break it up in bad terms. And we said something could happen in the future.

      Just then wasn't the best time.

    • Whatever you do, don't text her again. She has to come to you at this point. If you text again, it will ruin any shot you possibly had.

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  • First off... she's your ex.. secondly, you asked her over TEXT?
    and you wonder why its taking so long?