Why would a guy act this way even though he is not talking to me anymore?

so I guess I screwed up and told this great guy to figure out when he is ready to move forward without the hurt from his ex holding him back cause he wanted to go slow and he mentioned that about his ex. We had a beautiful day hanging out as friends with our kids it got passionate towards the end. But after I blocked him on Facebook but I told him in advance my plan. I just didn't want to be on his timeline and I didn't want to see him flirting I wanted us to both have privacy. I wasn't mad at him but I thought it was healthier. Well I had seen him all over a girl cause we go dance at the same place. That is where our thing between us totally changed like he hated me.

Here is my question...
i want to know why he acts like this Even though I am cut off from him.

i saw him checking me out when I walked past him then I dirty danced (to get back at him) with a couple guys and he left his group of girl and guy friends to watch me from the sidelines hands on hips. He could have asked to talk to me he didn't. It he watched every time I dirty danced with someone new.

I feel his friends watching me when he isn't there like they are sharing if I am sad missing him, or happy or dancing with someone a lot or having fun with my girlies. I feel like they update him on me.

I actually enjoy it. I give them a good show. I have fun I get guys to buy me shots I had a guy massaging my back I was teaching him how I like my hair pulled and laughing with him a lot he walked me to my car. He likes me. He has me interested. I want his friends to pass on I am happy and beautiful and getting sculpted from the gym that I dressed cute that I am wanted. That I have options. That I am not stewing over him. That I am a happy fun girl with confidence. That I have friends and a life, yes his friends saw me crying a couple times. My feelings are real towards him. He can know that too.
Why would a guy act this way even though he is not talking to me anymore?
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