What should I do?

Okay, so my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 5months now (I know it's not that long xD I'm also his first gf), but he's always sad. I finally got him to tell me what was bothering him, only to figure out it was intense jealousy over my guy friends.. I told him, what do you want me to do. He wanted me to choose, between him or my friends. I can't do that, considering I only have guy friends. I tell him constantly that there is NOTHING going on between them, just friendship, yet he's still hung up on it. We almost broke up the other day because he kept saying, "I'll always be sad as long as he's there" and things like "even if we break up I'll always love you and still be there for you", (oddly enough I don't believe that.), "You'll be better off without me"/"You'll be happier without me". And for some reason I have become very attached to him, that loosing him sounds horrible. I just don't know what the viable solution is, it seems that we both cannot be happy at the same time. And even though I'm trying so hard to obtain happiness for both of us, I sometimes ask myself "what's the point, he's just going to end up unhappy with whatever happens." But I really don't want to call it off..


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  • hmm... do you spend more time with your guy friends than with him? give them more attention or anything like that?

    maybe you just need to put in the extra effort to show how much you care about him... spend more time with him and just do nice little things for him maybe?

    i have all guy friends too, and even though I'm pretty close with them, I try not to give them more attention than to my boyfriend when he's there

    hope that helps (:

  • maybe break it off 4 a bit