How do I recover? what do I say to this guy?

Today , this guy that's been staring at me for days and he's attractive and he stopped me to asked what I was doing after work and I got nervous and I was so busy that I accidently from my head said I can't your to old... and I walked away.. then I realised what I said.. now I feel bad and actually want to hang how do I make a recovery from this... what should I say to him?


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  • What? You actually called the guy "old"? WTF?

    • lol ya I was busy with work and you know when a lot of things are on your mind... and he said he was in his 31 and I'm 21 and I don't know if was on accident ...

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    • hahaha !!! I don't know.. I think I'm just going to say I'm sorry what I said yesterday your not old... I was just really busy and wasn't thinking straight.. If you still wanna hang or whatever we still can... what do u think?

    • I would accept that!

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  • You should apologize and tell him that you reacted that way because he makes you nervous.