Have I lost my opportunity to date her?

- She kept inviting me to things so I went once.
- I thought we'd go on a casual hang out first so we did and she really enjoyed it.
- After, I texted suggesting we should do something else. Her response was "definitely! Looking forward to it!"
- afterwards we texted a lot but then I invited her to a group activity. She came and then we also saw each other at other things within our circle of friends so I've only been seeing her in a group.

  • Yes you have, give up
  • No you have not, ask her out on a proper date now.
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  • In the time you spent typing this question, you could have asked her out three times. Get off your duff and let her reject you... or maybe go out with her on an actual date.

    • If she's going to reject me, why would I bother asking her out.

    • She might say yes... you can't know until you ask her, but it sounds like she's open to it, just don't be afraid and go take care of business

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  • she's into u if she was inviting u places.. 😉❤️💯--15 yr old


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