Why do girls only love when you hurt them?

Not talking about being a complete jerk, that is a turn off to most people.

But I notice you have to hurt a girl sometimes to get her to like you.

An example, if a girl buys you gift... and months later asks if you have it.

If you say you do, and you appreciate it... she won't love you.

Tell her you lost it, and she feels a bit hurt and realizes she likes you.


She wants to go for a walk at the park, you tell her no... she feels a bit hurt... but you give in after and make her day... and she loves you...

Why are girls like this? Do they want to love a guy more than he loves her?

It's really hard for myself because I can't show my love for a girl otherwise she gets turned off.


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  • Being busy with your life makes going out with you feels like a reward BUT if you are free and you said you were busy and the girl finds out that counts as lying. you'll receive -10 points for it.

    I get offended not intrested when a guy looses a gift I gave him.

    focus on being fun and making a girl laugh. If you can't be yourself in a relationship then it's just time before it collapses.

    • Nobody loves myself though, it feels like I gotta do these things to make a girl love me otherwise I'm never more than a friend.

    • I don't want to, but I'm sick of being so alone in this world :(

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  • I do not know where you got that idea from.. If you hurt the women.. in my view you have already lost her and deserve what you get


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  • that's the vibe you set when u find out a girl really like you. instead of feelings mutual.. u turn it into a game.. to see if she really does

    • You have to set this vibe?

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