Girls, So if a guy is in a situation with a girl what should he do?

Ok let's say this girl has a boyfriend but her and this guy talk at work, they laugh and over time she grows closer and develops an attraction to him. Well one day he walks up on her admitting to another coworker she really likes him



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  • Are you this guy?

    Be careful of workplace romances. They do not always end well. Also do not take it further than talking about your feelings. She would be cheating and he would be crossing the line. Good luck

    • Yes I'm that guy and she is mainly initiating everything between us

    • Its easy to ignore the fact she has a boyfriend but remember that she does. I'm not saying anything can't or won't happen. Relationships happen under all kinds of circumstances.

      But be careful about how you approach this, be a decent guy and allow her to make desicions

    • That's what I'm doing I told her I respect the fact that she's in a relationship but to keep an open mind to the possibility of someone out there being more compatible with her

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