I need some good suggestions from you ladies on where to take a woman on a "friend date" to find out if we're more than friends. Suggestions?

Keep in mind with your suggestions that she would not see as a date at first thought... but could be disguised as one! by the way I live in an awesome city that I can literally find anything to do within an hour from here!


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  • Take her to an amusement park and say you don't wanna be a loser and go alone... It will make it look like you aren't asking her out on a date and just want someone to come with you.

    • only one problem with that is that every time I go to her bar I'm flying solo. Thats just me.. I am a lone wolf and I don't feel like a loser.. it actually builds my confidence and women def pay close attention to me wherever I go.

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    • Lol im in my mid 30s n she's almost 30 but i guess you can't be too old fir an amusement park lol

    • Fuck yeahhhh

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  • The zoo is always good

    • Yeah there you might see some chimps getting it on could put a woman in the mood! never know