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So this shy/low self confident guy I have been talking to for 2 months now, finally asked me out on a date. I wasn't expecting that, cuz it has been more than 2 months now and lately he's been more cold. I've been the one doing most of the talk, been helping him with a course at the university, he gets so nervous around me, even tho he says he he's not shy. HE IS DAMN HANDSOME THO! he's smart, he's every girl's crush I swear. He's sometimes very childish, but when we're together alone, he becomes different, he becomes more grown up. Sometimes when we talk I expect some certain type of response, but he seems so inexperienced when it comes to girls and all of my friends are shocked how I could be patient with him. I mean I liked him since day ONE. But would it really take so long for you to ask a girl out? If you like her? I feel like mentioning to him that I hope he has noticed I've been really patient with him.


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  • If i feel like you're gonna be around for the foreseeable future i might wait that long maybe longer, maybe years to ask u out. If i see a girl i like at a gas station ill get right on that shit, might not see her again. Over circulation decreases value.
    Mentioning your patience seems petulant. Patient means to tolerate and i wouldn't want to be tolerated so id pop smoke if i was told that. I realize i sound dickish a bit, might help if there was more elaboration on what you mean by not getting the responses you expect from him. Examples.

    • Hmm.. I like your answer, but the thing is. We met at a party, I called him bro that day, which I really didn't mean, but I was just nervous. Haha, anyway, his friend came to me and told me that this guy has a crush on you, but you called him bro that day and it killed him. So I told his friend that I didn't mean it and I have a crush on him as well. Anyway, everyone started teasing us and they always left us alone if they saw us together. Then he asked for help in this one course and I helped him. One time we were studyin and he told me to do something and I did, then he whispered that he loves when I do as he tells me. I took that as a flirt. Anyway, he gave me mixed signals. I tried to ask him out, but it just never happened, we were gonna go to the cinema and take a coffee. just never happened. So now he finally asks me out!

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    • Rude :(
      My "family" lives in the next city also i like to "visit" also. We are soooo close lol

    • HaHa, stop it. I just hope it will be a date today, if not.. I dont think im gonna continue doing this. Im gettin bored already

  • Yes it can take that long. It was working at figuring out if you were into him, something girls think is so obvious but is actually damn near impossible to tell. He was also working on building up the confidence to ask you out. I mean if you were so into him since day one why didn't you just ask him out? I mean I think it's fair that he could have taken longer if he needed too. I mean it could have even went the other way and he could have liked you and never asked you out at all. I don't think you should mention about how patient you have been since it just seems like you are trying to give him a hard time for taking his time to be ready himself to do so. Especiallysince you never put any effort into asking himself out yourself.

    • Well, I feel like I already did a lot. I was the one who added him on Instagram, I've been the one who has always taken the initiative to talk to him. Plus I did buy him coffee once and we have had a couple of studying dates at school, but this is the first official date outside of school.. and I can't wait. but I hope he hasn't lost interest. he is so hard to read.

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  • Of course it would take them so long. It took him a lot of courage to ask you out. It's not easy approaching someone to ask them to hang out with you.

    • True, but he's been weird plus mixed signals. And my friend met this guy, the same day they went bowling and after 2 days they had their first date. like.. mine happened after 2 months