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Okay so I was wondering if you could tell me why this guy does this? and if it is because he likes me how can I get him to ask me himself :)

There is this guy I see once a week at bible study, and then there is another guy who creeps me out. ew. The guy I like keeps giving me a hard time about eh creepster saying things like "You want to ride in the back with him." "I'm surprised he didn't kiss your hand" he teases me about him a lot...I would say that is the starter to most of our conversations. And here resently he said goodbye with a hug and said "have fun on your date with him(the creepster)" and the next time I saw him he was like "How was your date" and "He should get your number so he can text you." and the list goes on..this guy is hilarious and he gives me a ride to the second part of bible study and sits out side with me and we're usually alone..and we talk and stuff...I tend to think he does this cause he likes m and if he does how do I get him to ask me on a date or let him know its okay to do so?



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  • What is up with this guy, does he talk about this creep so much because he's worried you'll take away his boyfriend. WTF? Bible study? What kind of christian constantly puts down a fellow brethren to get some ass. Be careful, very careful. This guy may be putting up a front to bag naive christian women. Wait, why do you say that, that guy is a creepster? What happened to love thy neighbor and all that stuff. This is just strange. Anyway the guy you like seems immature to have to bash someone else to impress a girl, but it's not your job to let him know it's ok. If he has no problem haten' his prayer partner then he should have the balls to ask you out. Sorry but that's just messed up, I don't go to church no more but I wouldn't want to go to yours if I still did.


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  • okay, he definitely likes you! believe me! GO FOR IT :)

    • Okay that's what I thought, but how do I get him to ask me out..he is real shy!

    • Hmm maybe you should turn the tables and ask him! don't be creepy or anything, just be like "wanna go out to dinner?" or something. just be brief, cute and flirty!! He'll deffffinitaly agree :)

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