Does he still like me?

So this shy guy and I liked each other but nothing really happened between us (cause I'm shy as well) and we parted ways on a not so good note.. with a misunderstanding of sorts and have had no contact since 5 months... we met each other 2 days ago at a college event and me and my friends noticed that he was following me around (he would suddenly appear wherever I would go) and kept staring at me from a distance but as soon as he came in close proximity to me, would ignore me completey.. later I noticed that he was deliberately hanging around alone where I was standing and chatting with my friends... also before leaving he stared at me quite intensely and blatantly so much so that even my friends noticed... I really didn't understand his behaviour that day.. what does this all mean? Does he want me to do something?


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  • Yes, he wants you to approach him and may be make things work again.

    • So I should definitely talk to him? He'll be interested in talking to me, right? I'm kinda nervous

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    • Actually I was really hoping that he would approach me.. the last time we met each other he was rude to me and I'm still upset with him

    • Would it still be okay if I approached him?

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  • He probably considers you attractive.

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