My girlfriend wants be a video vixen/ig model I'm not too sure about it?

Been dating my girl for about 3 and a half years we had our ups and downs but it's still going strong... Since she moved to the city she been on this I don't want work a 9 to 5 anymore and want do the ig model music video get fame and money fast route. Now she goes out with her girl to get in VIP to meet people with connections rappers designers and people in that world.. I'm in the city and I know how most of those girls turn out.. When she is out guys wanna talk to her.. Promoters designers guys hit her up to chill and go eat smoke party. but she isn't get Any money from it yet so I'm like what's the point. And sometimes it's like she's out partying drinking it up flirting her way to where she needs to get to and I'm the house smoking bored as hell all day if I'm not working so sometimes I barely see her.. She says it's a process that takes time.. But personally I'm a little bit traditional I don't think girls gotta do that and I guess I her value is lessening to me because she starting blend in with every other girl on ig and I don't wanna control her and tell her to stop cause it's like I'm not letting her live her life... My question is am I being a little selfish bitch right now and should I ride the wave cause It might pay off or just call it off.. sex is great when she around but I beat my meat way too much and I don't wanna marry someone who thinks about quick fame and social media is everything am I tripping?
My girlfriend wants be a video vixen/ig model I'm not too sure about it?
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