Baby momma issues?

So my boyfriend of one month has two kids with a woman, she hadn't tried to do anything with him until him and I got together.. today he went out to eat with her and the kids. I'm pissed.. am I over reacting? I think she's only doing it to hurt me. it's working :( help!


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  • It's his baby momma. He has to deal with her. If he leaves you for her, so much the better for him because he should be with his family.

    • she cheated on him with 3 of his cousins so um no

    • I don't know. Then I'd get out because that's too much drama for baby lama

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  • Ignore it. Bottom line is the only way you come out losing is if you react to this. Parents need to work together for the sake of their kids, and kids need to see their parents. As long as he is minding his boundaries then let it go.


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  • Never date someone with kids when you're only 18-24.

    • I'm 24 and have 2 of my own.

    • Oh, I didn't know that. Now it's a different situations. She might be doing it to turn you if she hasn't been interested in the kids before, but no matter her intentions, I think it's good that the children spend time with both their biological parents. You might have played more of a mothering role and that's why you're upset, I don't know, but sacrificing your feelings for the children is what makes a mother a mother.