Interested or just being nice (Long read) ?

Alright so in person this guy is super seeet and super nice. He always smiles and says hi all the time. Whenever I ask for help he gladly obliges and we've talked a bit and opened up to one another. He's apparently extremely shy. Which I can see because he blushes and makes nervous jokes around me sometimes.. I've also caught him checking me out before. Anywho when we were strangers kind of I asked him if he was busy he mumbled something but I invited him anyways to an event I was fundraising at... he never showed Come yesterday I asked him for a ride to the gym because I don't have a car this week. He said he may be going at a different time but would let me know later. Later he said his classmates wanted to study during his break so he couldn't drive me and said he was really sorry... It's also been about 3 months, hasn't asked for my number or to hang out or anything other than accepting my Facebook add and msged me once on their about a ride to the gym. My friends think it was a blow off. I'm not 100% sure I'm confused? What are my next steps?

Edit: I did ask him if he wanted to hang out to let me know, and his response was that he would let me know...


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  • Maybe he likes you but he's intimidated by you. Ask him out one last time. If he denies or uses an excuse, move on.


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  • Hard to tell. That could have been an honest excuse about the gym. He might just be incredibly shy so you could just try asking him to get coffee with you sometime and see how he responds.

    • Hmm I mentioned once recently that we should hang out and he said sure he would let me know. And then he walked me to my car and too class but... he hasn't let me know so... I don't know it hasn't been that long tho

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