Am I letting myself be used with this girl?

We met at the beginning of the school year, and she's very pretty. I really like her, and she's really nice and sweet. At a band trip, we started talking more, and she said that I was nice and smart. I asked if she was going to go to homecoming, and she said she hadn't bought a ticket. I told her I would have gone with her, and she said, "Aww, you're sweet."
Fast forward to now. She's been out of school for a couple weeks because she's been having some pretty major mental health issues. She told me that there have been guys taking advantage of her, like asking her to send them nudes and stuff like that. I told her,
"You're a very sweet girl. Any guy who tries to take advantage of you is a jackass. If you ever need to talk, just text me, okay?"
She said, "Thanks and okay. [heart emoticon] You're one of the very few people I like." She has a boyfriend, but he lives overseas. (This isn't a lie, I knew it beforehand.) I asked her how things were going with him. She told me they were fine. That he wasn't one of the guys who had been taking advantage of her. I told her,
"I know I'm gonna sound like a jackass. I don't wanna get between you two, but will you please go out with me?" She said she'd really love to, but she wasn't the best girlfriend, that she was needy and annoying, and that she would tell me when she broke up with her current boyfriend, and that hopefully I'd still want her then. I told her that she could never be annoying to me, and she said,
"Awwww. Thank you! You made me smile, which is a rare occurrence." Anyway, to make a long story short, she told me that she couldn't be with me right now, but maybe soon. I just wonder if I'm letting myself get somewhat used here. I don't really feel like I am. I really think I love her, but should I be with her?


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  • I honestly don't think a. Girl will pretend to have mental health issues just to play hard to get... u know! I think she genuinely likes you, but be careful she still has a boyfriend, you don't want to add more drama to her life! Hope this helps. ❤️


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  • She sounds like she has some issues, and maybe she likes you but if she has a boyfriend then she should really really end that first before getting into a another relationship Tell her that if she once a relationship with you then she needs to end her current one But be very cautious here what's the chances she might like other boys while she is seeing you? I am not saying that she would do that but just becareful on this

    • She definitely does like me. She told me She's had a crush on me since band camp. (Something I found out after answering this question.) Her boyfriend lives in England, and we live in the U. S. (I'm not sure how they met. Thanks for cautioning me, though.

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    • Yeah, and we've been talking for like an hour about how attractive we think each other are, and exchanging when it was when we started liking each other... stuff like that.

    • That's good getting to know her helps with this stuff new relationships

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