Parents forcing marriage?

I come from a disgusting culture we're parents live there kids live for them just to preserve there reputation/honor. A kid has no voice, can't give a opinion, & making a choice for themselves a GOOD choice these are all disrespect in our culture. You let your parents live your life for you and you got listen.

I secretly have a boyfriend since dating not allow in my culture. And I am severely cripple will horrible balance. I could get marry 2 ways.

A force marriage with no love in it with a Indian man. I'll have be a servitude my whole life meaning all day in the kitchen. I could get in a kitchen accident I am cripple and have horrible balance. If he want divorce parents will force him to stay with me. I'll be pressure to get pregnant with him.

Or I'll end up force to marry my cousin or a random Indian man. And me & this husband will live in my parents house. I will be trap in this force marriage, & be prevented from leaving. I'll be press to get pregnant.

I explain I'm cripple with horrible balance to my parents they don't care & say CULTURE is CULTURE & I must follow my culture.

They even compare me to there friend children my age who let there parents control there lives & even there marriage. And why I can't let them control my entire life. Parents are using coercions & pressuring me to force marriage.
I want marry my boyfriend but falling in love/choosing your life partner forbidden & bring shame to family.

Will my parents be arrested that they care about there reputation/honor more then my happiness/safety/disability?
What can I do?


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  • Is this in India and under Indian law? I admit I don't know it well enough to actually be able to answer the question if it is.


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  • I don't know. Dependingbon where you live you could report them but I'm not sure what that would or could do. Perhaps run away? You're a grown woman and is probably more than capable of taking care of yourself, if not run with your boyfriend. But I don't want to tell you anything that might hurt you in the long haul.

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