Does my female friend care about me even though she doesn't act like it?

She doesn't seem to care for me, and it all started when I began to ignore her. I liked her, and she found out, and she told me she liked me too. However, she began to play games with me: most commonly hot and cold. I got sick of it and ignored her for a week and a half straight. She began to notice it, and when she did she tried getting my attention. Most commonly when I was walking by her, she'd look at me and her eyes looked really watery and big. But I didn't really care because I was still angry with her. Anyways, my friend asked how our relationship was and she just gave him a stare then looked away. But the weird thing is she still acts quite outgoing, however around me she's really shy, and then she tries looking at me when I'm not looking.

Point is, even with all this ignoring does she still care about me? Even if she doesn't seem to show it?

  • Yes, she does care.
  • No, she doesn't.
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