How would I know if she's seeing/talking to someone else?

We been talking for a few weeks, went on a "date" and still talking. Lately I feel like she might be a little distant, her texts seem a little dry at times. I know im not the best texter she even told me a few times. Also I gave her a compliment which I rarely do ( I just noticed that too lol) and she said "lol not". Is it all in my head?


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  • Sounds like she has lost interest and may feel like you haven't tried to improve at texting after she expressed her concerns.

    A girl wants attention and to see she's important for you.

    Rarely giving her compliments is a sure fire way of doing the exact opposite of above.

    • We text all day everyday if that helps. She says it's because im shy and I am a little shy. I don't think that could be it.

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    • So do you think she's losing interest or the texting is just getting dull and its in my head?

    • If you have a date planned, I doubt she can be that uninterested. Just try to spark more conversation and try to make it interesting till you have a date again :)

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  • She is probably no longer that interested in you. You should avoid texting her.


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