Do you think I can fix things?

Long story short I fell in love with my friend, who 1) spent a couple months confused about his sexuality, 2) moved away to a new university, and 3) seemed kind of confused about why I was acting like I liked him (I tried not to be overwhelming but I've never actually been brave enough to show a guy my feelings and this was my first time reaching the point of being in love so it was my fault and he's inexperienced too so it worked out that way).

After he moved I haven't talked to him a lot. We used to tell each other a lot and be actually close. But since he moved and he seemed really confused by the way I acted when he was about to leave, I thought it would be best to give him space and not bother him. I told him I missed him once and he didn't respond but he responded to random things earlier on before that. I took it as he doesn't miss me. But lately I can tell from his social media posts that he's going through some things and I want to be there for him but I don't want to annoy him. He sometimes posts stuff saying he wishes he was back at my school and that he wants his old friends back but he also posted something saying his new friend helped him through something. I used to be the one to help him and it breaks my heart knowing I've made a mistake by not really talking to him.

Do you think I could talk to him and fix things? Or do you think he really doesn't care? Before he left he did promise that we'd see each other again but now I feel like I ruined everything by trying to give him space. This was my first time in love and trying to have an actual relationship so I guess I didn't know what I was doing.
Do you think I can fix things?
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