Is being 'Forever Alone' a true theory?

I'm sorry lately I've been realizing all people are either getting into relationships or being extreme friends with benefits. And of course society effects me and as an individual when everyone is doing it i just feel left out but to be honest I don't want a relationship, I don't want flings I just want to be me. And I want to just have friends. But everytime I want to just hangout with friends they're always busy with their significant other but I feel like they're investing too much time over them. I haven't yet found any guy that I truly like or see a future with but somehow I feel this pressure that I need to be dating... And everyone is just so afraid to be single, afraid that they're going to be left behind I think it's a little pathetic how they are affect by this. Immediately when guys find out I'm single it's either I like you but I see you as a potential partner to rid of my forever alone syndrome or nothing else. When girls find out I'm single they ask me why don't I have a man you should get one like what? Relationship is not something you just get whenever you want... I'm just 18 and I have more things to worry about and I cannot handle another serious commitment. Is it just me.
Is being 'Forever Alone' a true theory?
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