Is being 'Forever Alone' a true theory?

I'm sorry lately I've been realizing all people are either getting into relationships or being extreme friends with benefits. And of course society effects me and as an individual when everyone is doing it i just feel left out but to be honest I don't want a relationship, I don't want flings I just want to be me. And I want to just have friends. But everytime I want to just hangout with friends they're always busy with their significant other but I feel like they're investing too much time over them. I haven't yet found any guy that I truly like or see a future with but somehow I feel this pressure that I need to be dating... And everyone is just so afraid to be single, afraid that they're going to be left behind I think it's a little pathetic how they are affect by this. Immediately when guys find out I'm single it's either I like you but I see you as a potential partner to rid of my forever alone syndrome or nothing else. When girls find out I'm single they ask me why don't I have a man you should get one like what? Relationship is not something you just get whenever you want... I'm just 18 and I have more things to worry about and I cannot handle another serious commitment. Is it just me.


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  • No its not I've been talking to a girl I really like. She doesn't share any feelings but acts like she likes me. She says she's busy and don't want a relationship to get in the way of things.

    • The exact situation I'm in

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  • I think because of your age, people are starting to want to act "adult" and for some reason, yes, society has painted a picture that when you are a adult you find someone and then start a life together. There is absolutlely nothing wrong with wanting to be single and enjoy life. As you get older, you'll also see people are less hung up on it actually. When I was your age everyone thought having a boyfriend was cool and important. As you get older, you start to learn about yourself and then other people's opinions are less important because you become strong in who you are as a person through experiences.

    Hang in there. You're not weird or abnormal :) Don't mind what others say :) Be yourself please. I know it's cliche but I just say this because I know many single girls my age who love life and enjoy it single.

    • Can really enjoy it when all my friends are slowly becoming more distant bc they want to spend more time with their bae lol ugh but yeah

    • Then they aren't good friends at all.

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  • If a woman doesn't find a man to settle down with while in her prime 14-29 she will die alone

    • LOL my mom got married at 34 and had me at 36

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    • Truth hurts lol

    • Uh nah the truth is my mom and dad are still happily married, my moms works for an insurance company, my dads a real estate agent. they don't live by weed either.

  • For men it is very much a possibility even if they actively try. For women it basically amounts to whether she is willing to lower her standards. Most women who end up single late in life did so because of the list of demands and/or inability to compromise.

    • I'm not saying you're wrong but I don't think that only applies to females lol I think we all have a fair share of being an asshole and a bitch.

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  • it kinda makes sense

    • can you explain?

    • like some people don't know the importance of having a significant other and take things like that for granted... and when at a certain moment they have no one to rely on... they face lonliness.. therefore forever alone

    • But then why do you need to rely on others to feel good. I mean, being alone doesn't necessarily mean being lonely? I don't have any problems feeling good about myself by myself.

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