An attractive male turns you off with arrogance and hurtful words andd you mightve been a little interested in the beginbut tries humbly to get with?

you afterwards. like he hurt your feelings a little and acted arrogant so you sortve cut him off on his request then he comes back trying...

would you like him again?


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  • If I think a a man is attractive, but when I talk to him, he turns out to be arrogant, it really turns me off and I actually don't fancy him anymore.

    So no, if he came back after that, then he would have blown it, not because I'm angry, but because he's already killed the attraction I felt for him.

    • i came off arrogant because she asked for a naked pic before we met and i pretty much said i m not like your fanboys along those lines

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  • Very unlikely. First impressions are often last.

    • when i haven't met her, she asked for a naked pic of me. so i called her a low class whore.

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    • i took that as degrading disrespect.

    • Well that is accurate to say the least.

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  • Only if I had done something to upset him. If he's just being rude & arrogant, NO. Looks mean nothing without a great personality. I know some really handsome men & their personalities are what women are most attracted to. They have an excellent sense of humour too.

  • No thanks. Not because of the hurtful words; that I could easily forgive. But I would not want to spend all my time or pour my heart into a relationship with a cruel, arrogant man. I'd rather be with a man who is strong, but both humble and kind.


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