Can you be in love with someone online & if you've partially met before?

I've been talking to a guy on Facebook now for 4.5 months. I saw him once while he was at work but never approached him. I really think I've gotten to know who he is, and we've had very long conversations. Not super in depth but just about anything really. I've stalked all his interests online, posts he has liked, recent posts and photos of his... and I honestly feel like I met my match. I truly 100% believe we are meant to be. Is that crazy? I don't think he is misrepresenting who he is online because when we talk he's the same as his posts and comments he makes to others from previous moments. My friend thinks I'm weird and obsessive but I honestly just really think once we meet we're going to fall completely in love. He and I have talked about being intimate together too so I know he is interested in me basically the same as I am with him, just maybe not to the same degree. It's possible to say I'm falling in love right? When I had seen him in person that one time, I really thought I hadn't seen anyone more beautiful. Like my pupils must have been huge. And he isn't a typical good looking guy, but I think he's just the most beautiful dude.
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Woah 50/50 exactly!
Can you be in love with someone online & if you've partially met before?
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