I went on the first date with Bumble guy and he leaves early for friend emergency and hasn't texted me back yet. Does he not like me?

I went on a first date with a guy I've been talking too for two weeks. We met on the Bumble app and I'd say we hit it off pretty fast. We've talked everyday since we met and he always tells me goodnight and good morning. We had a couple serious talks and it really seemed like there was potential this could be a real relationship eventually. So we go on the first date at Balboa Park in San Diego and when I meet up with him he brought me a gift of makeup he got me. Super sweet, then we start walking and talking. A few times I would say there was some awkward silences but one of us would start up another conversation. We had lunch at a place at the park and again it seemed to be going okay but he checked his phone for a short time like twice. And sometime toward end of the lunch, like around paying the check he got a call from a friend who just hit a person on a motorcycle so he said he needed to go to pick him up. I'm not really sure if I should believe that? To me it seemed like he wanted to escape. Nevertheless, I told him he should go, but he insisted on walking me back to my car. He walked me to my car, hugged me, and said he hopes we could hangout again. I drive home, text him "Hey I just got back home, hope your friend is okay, thanks again for lunch and the sweet gift :)". He never texted me back that day. Now it's the next day and he hasn't texted me good morning like he always does... did the date go bad? Is he not interested? I'm so confused on what could have went wrong. I definitely want a second date with this guy. I like him and he expressed before we met that he liked me too. I see so much potential but I really don't know what happened.


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  • Sounds like he decided for whatever reason that he didn't want to see you again.

    Did you use old pics on the app? If your pictures are from 20 pounds ago, we've just solved the mystery.

    • Lol no all very recent pics. Oldest was from August. I kinda though that too but who knows

    • Well, we know what's its NOT, then.

      The other best guess is you said something that was a deal breaking red flag. If that's the case, chances are you will never have an exact answer.

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  • Okay from judging on what you described about it all, there are two possibilities. The first one is that he felt uncomfortable with the silence/awkward moments and wanted an excuse to peace out asap. I've actually done this before by pretending my mom just texted and needs the car or something, anything to get me out of a situation I don't wanna be in. And the fact that you said it didn't seem believable and you thought he wanted to escape is important to keep in mind. The fact that he hasn't responded by now is also telling, since it's not like he's in a crisis and doesn't have a minute to shoot back a text. (Part 1)

    • However, it could actually still all be very real and you're overthinking. After all, regardless of how much you've talked to him through text etc., you haven't gotten to know him well enough in person yet, therefore you don't know how he handles stressful situations. When I'm stressed, personally I sadly barely text my boyfriend or talk to anyone because I don't want to deal with anything and have too much on my mind. I'll tell you what, how about you simply wait for him to text you back, which he eventually will. Ask him to join you for coffee or a restaurant lunch when he's free next and this time, think of a few topics beforehand to discuss incase silence happens.

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    • I know the exact feeling, makes me so damn nervous and anxious. However, you're in the situation and you're feeling all kinds of things, whereas I'm observing from a objective perspective. That sounds nerdy lmao but yeah basically it's logical to not send a text like that. I have an idea instead but it could turn out weird. Have you considered calling his cell? You could say you're sorry you weren't completely yourself or something, that you were just nervous and are wondering if you upset him (to which he'll of course say no, and then you can ask him to hang out). The bad part is if he doesn't pick up, making you seem even more desperate. This may be a little too far lol but I'd make a call from like an aunt's house so he's not nervous again by the caller ID. I really don't want him to give up so easily on you when you literally just met.

    • Omg nooo I can't. I would probably cry on the phone or be really passive aggressive bc I'm upset haha. I guess I will wait to see if he texts me back... say he doesn't, should I text him something?

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  • can you update us? did he message you yet? hope you're good x

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