Casual date evolved?

So i had my typical weekend date with random girl and well after a great night I actually talked to her again and im currently considering maybe a second date.. Now you have to understand thats normally a big no go and at most i may have sex with a girl a few times before i send her on her way.. But I actually am a little excited to see her again and spend time with her so what do y'all think? should I see her again or be wary and steer clear of a second date?


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  • lol what do you have to loose
    of course if she s paying though :P

    • hahah naw i actually won't lie i do like her.. But you know me i like them all which may be the reason i steer clear..

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    • You and your silly logic lol =P

    • shush you know I am right ^^

  • Awwww see her again dummy!


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