If ur partner won't tex back or pick up ur calls what do u do 😭?

After I kiss my girlfriend yesterday she will not text me back or call and I am getting concerned what do I do ur what would be happing?


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  • Just forget about her in the meantime lol

    She'll get to you when she can

  • 1. move on

    2. your to young to be in a relationship you need to focus on school

    • I'm 15 I'm not to young

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    • 1 it's not a boy it's a girl
      2 I like me just the way I am

    • Then best of luck trying to figure this out if your unwilling to listen to reasonable suggestions..

  • did she not want to kiss?
    why do you think she's not texting back?

    • If u read my other question then you will know and I don't know why she isn't texting back

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    • But she won't text me back or call back

    • then she's lame

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