I am into this guy, no text after first date?

I've been talking to this guy since earlier this week. We met Thursday night, and ended up drinking at his place with his roommate. It was an awesome night, we played music together. Later that night he kissed me, like pretty passionately. And we made out some. Eventually in the early morning we passed out. Slept in the same bed. I woke up the next morning very hungover, cuz I haven't drank in a whole, and I was pretty sure o was still drunk. Lol. Anyway, we cuddled all day until like 5 pm. He cuddled me, gave me cute cheek kisses and forehead kisses every now and again. Heavy made out, we did not have sex. After we both woke up at 5 he drove me home. Got out and gave me a warm hug and we kisses a couple times. Oh and he kept winking at me through the night, it was pretty cute. Its only been a day but he hasn't texted me, or anything. We both have a ton in common. I definitely felt a connection or a spark. I've been dating a lot the last two months, and haven't found a connection like this one until him. I'd love to see him again. So I don't know if I should text him or like do it tomorrow. Not sure since we cuddled all day of he needed a day to himself. I'm a girl, I over think. Not normally, but he is different, and I'm interested in him. So any advice would be greatly appreciated! I know its old school to wait for him to text me, but he makes me nervous, cuz I get mad butterflies around him. Lol I can't think of a reason why he wouldn't text me, not trying to sound full of myself, I'm just saying I think it pretty great.

Also would like to say he's 4 years older than I am and so I don't know if dating is different within that age group.


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  • Personally if I set up a first date I don't text or call first. At the end of the date if I enjoyed myself I'll tell them to their face I had fun and would like to see them again. If I don't hear anything back I move on. In my experience if the girl likes me she will try and reach out to me unless otherwise specified (at the end of the date says something like 'call me sometime', etc)

    • That was helpful. Thank you! He ended up texting me tonight. And said 'Hi you' and we texted for like an hour. He even liked a pick I posted on IG. He seemed to be a little short but saw that I was kicking it with some friends and asked me how that was going. Later I said I was going to bed sweet dreams and he replied with "Night!" He said he was beat earlier, but he wasn't being as cutesy.

  • I texted a girl 5 days so it happens.
    Try texting back. If not, leave it.

    • 5 days after you went out? Lol

    • No. We didn't go out.
      We just talked to each other and she gave me her number asking me to call the next day.

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