How do you think he feels?

He's my coworker. I know I should ask him myself, but I'm scared cause we are just coworkers.

Him: Sorry I need to tell you this but, I'm afraid I'll be
leaving you soon Polly. (Low voice)
Me: Good! Good for you and me huh! No more needing to deal with you. (Sarcastic)
Him: If you put it that way, I guess. (Goes silent)

We always talk about the most random things ever. If we're ever quiet one of our coworkers would walk by and ask us if we're ok. Haha
When I talk he usually looks at me but, when I talk about my guyfriends he goes quiet and doesn't look at me. I don't know maybe it's just me being delusional?

So how do you think he feels?

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  • He likes you and he's sad
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  • He only see you as a coworker probably
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  • You're delusional
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  • Sounds to me like just typical co-workers

    "Good! Good for you and me huh! No more needing to deal with you. (Sarcastic)"

    If I was a bit more reserved, I'd go silent too... I mean that would come across as a really strange remark. Remember that guys don't always pick up on cues such as sarcasm.

    • So just coworkers? Ok good! Thank god

    • Oh and thank you for actually writing. I appreciate it. People usually too lazy to type thats why I do polls more haha.

    • Not a problem!

  • Never get involved with co workers... drama ensues.

    • In trying really hard not to

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