Should I be concerned about my soon to be girlfriend's questionable past?

She has some pretty major mental health issues, to the point where she almost died twice, (One self harm incident, and one OD attempt,) and she was recently sent to a mental hospital for two weeks because there was a guy (or guys, I don't know the details) who sexually took advantage of her. She also has a boyfriend that lives in England. We live in the U. S. (She says the long distance isn't really working out, and that she's going to leave him for me.)
Despite this, she is a really sweet, kind person, and I really care about her. She says she's had a crush on me since band camp at the end of this summer, and we always tell each other how attractive we think each other are, we're constantly texting when we're not around each other, and we've even told each other that we love each other.
Should I be concerned about her past? I'm a devout Catholic, so as you can imagine, some moral qualms I have with the situation are interfering.


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  • Your a Catholic... get over it, quit using your religion as an excuse. A very valid excuse is that you are inviting all of that crap into your life and if you go into it you would be naive to think you are going to fix it and if you can't fix it are you equipped to deal with all that stuff because she is going to expect you to be a part of her life... even the bad stuff. Sooooo, be careful... very careful.


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  • -Mental problems.
    -Try to kill herself
    -Guy allegedly took advantage of her. More like she fucked him willingly behind your back and came up with BS story.
    -Shows indicators of monkey branching
    -Was fucking boyfriend while using u as backup during LDR.

    Just lol at you considering this girl as a girlfriend. Betas gonna betas. Just don't be surprised if she cheats on you.


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  • YES! Absolutely be worried about this UNLESS she's shown you that she has worked through all of the issues.

  • You should be more than just concerned. Dating this girl is just asking for it for mine.