Is he intimidated by me or he's scared of my reaction as calm as I am?

If I confront this guy I've known for so long n dating for 2yrs now, he either gets defensive or says nothin. But as soon as I leave his presents he starts texting away and sending paragraphs. Like are u intimidated by me you can't speak.


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  • Ugh, I can't stand guys like that. I don't know what to tell you but I advise confronting him even more about not saying it to your face

    • I do and still nothing. I feel like whoever he has dealt with in the past goes the yelling n screaming route. So by me being calm n low note of voice he isn't used to that n I think it may scare him. They do say the quiet ones r deadly

    • I guess it's hard to imagine what you should do in your personal situation but maybe work at least talking on the phone?

    • I need to see his face n on the phone he will stay quiet if I bring something up. That's y he texts cause he knows I'm all about straight forward n telling it to ya face.

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