Wait for girl text first or I text first?

met this girl. She insisted to meet up and messaged me saying "we should meet" so we met.
Went out for the 1st time for drinks. After the drinks (I paid for). After got to the car involved kissing nothing else (she didn't want to proceed to any other base). So I respected that. Drove her home and she kissed me (lips). She said we should go out again.

Now... should I text her first or wait for her to text? As in not giving her "attention" It's been 1 day.


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  • If you like her and want to see her again than be a man and reach out. Playing games keeps a person at arms length. If you want this to go soemewhere then take the first step.

    • Follow up: messaged, she replies, just answering my questions.
      Should I ask her on Wednesday to go out for drinks later, maybe on the weekend?

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  • Wait for her to text. She said "We should go out again" so therefore she should call and make the date.

  • If you want to get together again, then reach out her.

    • Did do it. She replies answering my questions.
      Conversation with her more or just straight up ask her to go out again possibly end of the week lol

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    • yes. you just wait.

    • Sounds good

  • Text her

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