Should I extend the invite?

So, I've been dating this guy (37) for 2 months & things seem to be progressing well.

He's met a few of my friends but I'm still yet to be introduced to any of his.

This week he started to refer to me as his girlfriend organically - without the awkwardness of the discussion, and I'm happy to adopt the title.

The Issue: It's my best friends engagement next weekend, and I'm not sure whether it's too early into the relationship to extend the invite... especially when he's still yet to introduce me to his social circle.

Or, if I do, how to do it without applying pressure where he thinks he 'has to' go to keep me happy.

Guys, I'm interested in your thoughts here!

- R.


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  • It's up to you. It's really a toss-up. 2 months does make it SLIGHTLY too early. And like you said, he hasn't introduced you to HIS social circle. But it's your best friend and if you really want him there, then it wouldn't hurt to ask. With it being next weekend, it's best to ask sooner rather than later. Otherwise, he won't be able to even if he wanted to (a prior engagement).


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  • I would still put yourself first in this. It would be lovely to take him. My advice on what I would do is let him chase u a little more show him you still care tho. And that you hope he injoys his night , go with the girls let your hair down.


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  • Look at his actions,
    He never let his friends meet you.
    Don't BS yourself,
    And don't invite to engagement sh1t, suppose he breaks up with you, you will make a complete fool of yourself and he will have nothing to lose.

  • Invite to what exactly? The wedding?


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