Am I paranoid, jealous, or him I dating a player?

My boyfriend has told me that he thinks im the only one who is hot, and sexuallay attractive... but sits here and says my best friend is fuckable. I had asked him more then once, do you think any girl is hot and or you sexuallay attractive? He told me no. Hmmmm makes me wonder. Lol. A while back I had asked if he thought my best friend was pretty and if you never met me would you date her and he told me. "I don't think she's pretty, I don't think she's ugly... she's neutral." Then two days ago I had asked him if he never met me would he sit here and fuck my best friend. He said "I would try, but probably wouldn't be able to go through with it, but she is fuckable." Why does his stories keep changing and why does he keep lying.
Yes you are paranoid
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Yes your jealous
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Yes your dating a player
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No your not paranoid
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No your not jealous
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Am I paranoid, jealous, or him I dating a player?
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