Am I paranoid, jealous, or him I dating a player?

My boyfriend has told me that he thinks im the only one who is hot, and sexuallay attractive... but sits here and says my best friend is fuckable. I had asked him more then once, do you think any girl is hot and or you sexuallay attractive? He told me no. Hmmmm makes me wonder. Lol. A while back I had asked if he thought my best friend was pretty and if you never met me would you date her and he told me. "I don't think she's pretty, I don't think she's ugly... she's neutral." Then two days ago I had asked him if he never met me would he sit here and fuck my best friend. He said "I would try, but probably wouldn't be able to go through with it, but she is fuckable." Why does his stories keep changing and why does he keep lying.

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  • I can't fathom why you'd ask such questions. If he tells you other girls aren't hot or attractive , you wouldn't believe him. If he tells you other girls are hot & attractive you'd get jealous. So he can't win, no matter what he says.

    Stop asking such questions. It's just gonna cause you to overthink and prevent you from being happy with him. You seem jealous and insecure. You wouldn't need clarification to such questions if you wern't insecure. Try to work on your insecurities

    • He can win if he is straight up with me. There is no where in there where I'm being jealous. Yes there's shit in there where I am asking why he's changing up his story. And how I think he's changing up his story. And stupid shit? LOOOL. It's a question that I would like answered without bitches sitting up here asking why I'm asking stupid questions. And don't tell me what I need to work on. Read the question and u can see why I'm so insecure.

    • All you can do is stop asking him questions because sometimes... ignorance is bliss. Or end it, knowing he admittedly finds your friend fuckable. If a guy said that to me, I'd assume he was playing mind games. Maybe you feel insecure because you are with the wrong person.

  • Why are you asking stupid shit like that? Of course there are other women that he finds attractive, just like you probably still find some men physically attractive. That doesn't mean he doesn't love you and/or would cheat though. He doesn't want to tell the truth because he's afraid it'll hurt you or make you angry.

    • Lol. There is no such thing as stupid questions!!! And actually no I don't think there is other boys I find attractive. Lol. And u can sit here and say I do, but sweetie the thing is you do NOT know me. There is only one boy I find attractive and that's my boyfriend. And IDC if he thinks other girls is attractive, the fact he sits here and lies to me and changes up his story... what's the point of being in a relationship if you can't be straight up with your girl? There should be trust in all relationships. No matter how mad the other significant gets mad. And by your answer I have a feeling your still single. LMFAO!!!