Met Girl Went Great Like Me And Wants To See Me Again But Needs Time Before She Commits To A New Relationship Advice Please Girls?

Hi girls need some help when on a date with a girl after conversations on the phone for hours on end, we met and it went really well, now she's says she says she likes me and wants to meet up again soon, we even talked about thing to do at the end of the first date,
but wants time before she get's into another relationship because of how it hurt last time, i said that's fine and i can wait as long as she needs, i really really like her like we connect so easily she puts me at ease when i talk to her and iv'e never connected so well with anyone she said the same.

Like we hugged and kissed at the end nothing major because iv'e already said i respect woman because i'd like the same for my sister and feel i've been brought up the right way in that respect.
Has anyone ever had this before, p. s. the ex she mentioned is in a new relationship too and moved on.
Thank you and i'll respond to all responses xx

Anyone else help me out.


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  • Give up on her and move on. If she really liked you, she wouldn't have hesitated being with you.

    • Wow really can i ask why you say this, could she still not be hurting from her old relationship like i really do like her.

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